Privacy Policy

AgroCare Canada, Inc. respects your privacy. When you visit our web site you may be providing information to us and we want you to be aware of how we may use that information.
• We do not sell, lend or give your e-mail address to outside third parties.

• We do not reveal credit card information to any third party other than those parties necessary to complete the financial transaction.

• We do not supply third parties information regarding your visit to our site or even the fact you did visit our site.

• We may use cookies from time to time for the sole purpose of measuring the performance and use of our web site. Information gathered is for the sole purpose of improving our site and will not be made available to any third party.

• We may periodically send promotional e-mails regarding new developments, new products and newsletters to those individuals who have given AgroCare Canada, Inc. their email address for such a purpose. To be removed from this list please e-mail us at Send Mail

• Anyone may at any time e-mail us at Send Mail to inquire about the availability of your name and address to third parties or to request that we remove your name from any list we may have.

If you wish to communicate with us in a form other than the e-mail mentioned above please refer to Contact Us for other methods of reaching our Webmaster.