Frequently Asked Questions

AgroCare was founded on green principles to use 100% naturally occurring raw materials. Today, we continue to use natural raw material and embrace green technology in the way we run our company and how we manufacture and package our products.

AgroCare's Seaweed fertilizers are guaranteed to give the following spectacular results:

Improve Soil Structure

Consistent Release of Nutrients

Improve Metabolism Efficiency

Reduce Water Loss and Increase Root Growth

Improve Plants Ability to Resist Stress

Improve Crop Appearance and Nutritional Value

Increase Chloroform Contents and Enzymes Metabolism

Help the Soil to Retain Moisture.

We source only the highest-grade seaweed and raw materials which boasts more than 60 recognized elements, as well as essential vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, alginates and growth hormones all known to be beneficial to plants.

Our fertilizers can benefit wide range of vegetable crops, fruit crops, flowering plants, field crops, hydroponics, greenhouse plants, nurseries, landscape plants, lawn and home garden plants.

The nutrients in our liquid fertilizers are in concentrated soluble form that starts to work immediately. This means results will usually be seen within a few days.

Yes. AgroCare manufactures organic fertilizers which are non-toxic, biodegrable and environment-friendly. Our organic fertilizers are 100% safe as they do not contain chemicals. The nutrients are derived from all natural organic ingredients which will not contaminate the soil, ground water or the environment.

Yes. Complete application instructions and application rates are printed on every label. You do not have to be concerned with slight over applying since there are no chemicals in our products. Our fertilizers will not burn the plants like chemical fertilizers.

Foliar feeding means spraying a diluted liquid fertilizer solution directly on the plant’s foliage where it can be easily absorbed. Foliar feeding is recommended in the early morning or late afternoon when the pores of the leaves are most likely to be open, avoid foliar feeding during the heat of the day.

The most touted benefit of our foliar organic fertilizers is its capacity to promote maximum nutrient absorption by increasing the sugar levels in plants which then stimulate soil activity and plant nutrient uptake. Calculated observations show that the application of our organic fertilizer by foliar feeding causes a significant increase in plant yields. Our products are effective means to prevent plant diseases and fungi-attack as it covers the leaves and stems, the plant parts that are susceptible to pests and parasites.

Our products contain no fish emulsions, sludge or manures, nor does it have a harsh chemical odour. Users will only smell the fresh, clean aroma of the sea, so our product is a pleasure to use indoors and outdoors.

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