About us

AgroCare Canada, Inc. (ACC) is one of the leading organic fertilizers manufacturers. Our manufacturing facility is based Officein Ontario, Canada with efficient distribution network around the world.

Our revolutionary products are 100% natural, beneficial, healthy, environment-friendly and risk-free, derived from organic material designed to increase agricultural yield by improve the quality of soil in all types of business farms, gardens and lawns.

Our product of water soluble fertilizers not only enhances water-holding capacity and structure of soil, but also promotes plant health and growth by providing a rich array of nutrients.

Our vision is to provide affordable, high efficient, biodegradable and environment-friendly soil enhancement products to our agricultural partners around the world in additions to technology and knowledge solutions.

Careful selection of raw materials, complex fermentation process and high concentration of effective ingredients are the key to our success in all markets.


We invite you to share our success, by trying our products to enjoy quick and long lasting results while preserving our environment.